YSW Qualifications Review

Youth Work Vocational Qualifications Review

The suite of Youth Work qualifications for level 2 and level 3 are currently being renewed with the process concluding in October 2014. The National Youth Agency and ETS Wales are working with the Youth Work Practice Awarding Bodies in England and Wales to review the qualifications and endorse them on behalf of JNC. As part of this work, we would like to involve you in determining changes in the Youth Work Practice qualifications from October 2014.

Please find attached information on the draft Youth Work Practice Level 2 and 3 qualifications for your comment:

Please read the attached units from the perspective of being a good first draft.  There will be mistakes as we have had a limited time to review and lots of feedback with suggestions from the first round of consultations with the sector earlier this year. NOS mapping will be completed on the final draft and we are aware that some of the wording is not consistent throughout, but this is something the Awarding Organisations will standardise once we have agreed the final wording and we have had your feedback.

We understand there are some changes and this maybe difficult in terms of planning delivery, for some of you.  Thank you to those who have highlighted this, we had however been working with Awarding Organisations to extend the current qualification as we could see potential problems with such a tight timeline.  For clarity, you can continue to recruit to the ‘current qualifications definitely until 31.10.14 and therefore the consultation on the new qualifications is taking place while the current ones are still live’.

We have also noted your concerns over the tight turnaround time for consultation, so we have extended the existing deadline from the 21st July to the 30th July.  However this gives us just one day to analyse the feedback and get the final drafts to the Awarding Organisations. So to help us please would you ensure that you:

Thank you in advance for all your support and patience  

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